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Helen ChenI took a walk, and only found places I already knew MonikaProposal for the Commons SpaceCaroline HillThe Incarcerated CityLena PhillipsTowards Just Urban Futures: The Little Black Book of Design Prompts to Survive the Urban ApocalypseAmanda LowMoving Without a Trace (When Everything is being Tracked)Camila Diaz-VarelaPsst… Pass it On - an Audio Story on Digital Technology and Activism in the past, present, and possible future Shaina AgbayaniDigital DambanaMilan GokhaleIt’s Time to Reject the Myth of Multiculturalism that Canada Uses to Cover Up RacismLaura Nelson-HamiltonA Letter to My Niece, Describing the World that Could BeAmanda Gutiérrez GomesWith You in Distance (Contigo a la Distancia)Sara Kay MastonWorm’s Eye View / “worm net” / Virtual ShovelLaurence Butet-RochSlow Net Toolkit Roya Del SolBLACK_BOXMarie SottoScarborough Always